Cargo Van Rental

Most people don’t think to utilize the space and power of a cargo van rental. As professionals in the automotive and car rental world, Rogue Rent-A-Car understands how beneficial they can be. Not just a van for work, cargo vans help everyone get jobs done. In addition to our cargo vans, we also rent minivans and passenger vans in Medford.

Cargo Van Rentals
Nissan High Roof Cargo Van
  • Up to 323 cu. ft. of cargo space
  • Number of Passengers: 2
  • Doors: 5 (including 2 rear doors)
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Stereo: AM/FM w/ CD player
  • A/C, Power windows & locks

Moving Van Rentals in Medford

No one likes moving, except for maybe new landlords and mortgage companies; the sweat, aching backs, calloused palms, and frayed nerves can be a real pain, literally and figuratively. But a self-move with a van is by far the most affordable way to begin life in a new place. Perfect for someone moving into their first apartment or the minimalist whose only possessions are a bed, clothes, and a TV, cargo van rentals have the space to haul your things around in Medford. Just recruit some friends and family to save your hard-earned money.

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In addition to our cargo vans for your move, we also rent trucks that can transport those overly large items (such as appliances and furniture).

Renting Temporary Work Vans

Our cargo vans provide an excellent way to bring work with you on the road. Whether your life revolves around paperwork, electrical outlets, or hammers and nails, a cargo van has the room and mobility needed to keep anyone efficient. Set up the office from the front seat, or store the tools and equipment in the back, and make sure that deadline is met. With a heavy-duty chassis, electrical outlets, a 10-foot cargo bay, and roof racks, renting a cargo van for work is just a wise choice for anyone.

Rent a Cargo Van for Other Uses

A cargo van rental can be used in a variety of ways. Ever take Black Friday off to shop for holiday gifts? If so, you’ll know how amazingly convenient it can be to have the space for that flat-screen, couch, or dining set. Prepare for the sales every year in Medford by letting Rogue Rent-A-Car get you a van that can transport all the treasure back home.

Cargo vans are also useful for special projects at home or work, office moves, event setups, sports equipment transportation, concert setups, and more. If you need a spacious vehicle for any reason, just ask us at Rogue Rent-A-Car about our rental cargo vans. We even deliver to the areas around Medford, including Jacksonville, Central Point, and Ashland, Oregon.

Save money and time with us and our cargo vans. In addition to our van rentals, we also offer customers in the area airport service for all of our vehicles, including vans, trucks, cars, and SUVs. Just ask when reserving!