Car Rental in Ashland, Oregon

Rogue Rent-A-Car is located just north of Ashland in the town of Medford, Oregon, and serves the surrounding cities of Central Point, Ashland, and Jacksonville with excellent car rental and customer service. Exceeding expectations is what we do best, and we’d love to show you how we do it.

Places to Visit in Ashland

Of course, planning a trip isn’t as easy as just grabbing a car rental and being on your way; it takes time and organization to find the best places to visit. For those who want a quick list of things to do in Ashland, see our recommendations below, and enjoy the stay!

Van Rental Uses

Oregon Shakespeare Festival – Located in Ashland, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) is one of the area’s pride and joys. Known for producing immersive stage art, the OSF showcases everything from the classics to newer modern plays. It’s our own little piece of Broadway that’s been uprooted and planted right here.

If you’re planning a trip to the OSF with a class or group, we have a number of van rentals (including passenger vans and minivans) available to get you to and from the shows.

If you’re working on a move across town or need some extra space to haul equipment for an event, we have cargo vans available to rent. With up to 323 cu. ft. of cargo space, you can make a small haul an easy task with a cargo van rental.

Choose an SUV Rental

Mount Ashland – As the highest peak in the region, it’s no surprise that so many people travel here each year. In the winter, Mount Ashland is the escape destination for snow lovers all around the Northwest and Oregon. With its multiple ski slopes and high elevations, the mountain offers skiers and snowboarders of any skill level a reason to hit the slopes. Book a package with your friends and family, and enjoy the powdery snow.

Ask us about our SUV rentals for your travels up the mountain, as it is the ideal vehicle to haul around ski equipment. Nothing beats a powerful SUV when heading up to the slopes.

Luxury Car Rentals

Ashland Wineries – Perfect for groups or couples wanting to enjoy a day or weekend of beauty, a winery tour through one or many of Ashland, wineries will make anyone want to take up residence here. The aromas of oak in the tasting rooms and the soil in the vineyards are just a few reasons to want to visit one of the nearly one hundred wineries. So stop teasing those taste buds, and expand your palette with some wine tastings. To keep the elegance of the day, don’t forget to choose a luxury car rental to navigate these beautiful scenes.

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We have a variety of car and van rentals for both couples and large groups who are looking to get a taste of the area. And if you’re flying into Medford, ask about our airport services!

Rental Trucks

Emigrant Lake – Bring the tent and s’more materials, and embrace a more naturalistic approach to life at Emigrant Lake’s Oak Slope Campground. Ashland’s most renowned campground and lake, Emigrant Lake hosts activities and campsites for families to truly get away from it all.

For complete convenience when camping, rent a truck from Rogue Rent-A-Car. Our trucks will enable you to bring all the equipment with room to spare, meaning you won’t play an evil game of Tetris trying to fit everything in the back. There’s no doubt that a rental truck is the best choice when needing to haul equipment.

Convenient Car Rental

Rogue Rent-A-Car is located just north of Ashland, in the city of Medford, and serves the entire area with high-quality rental cars and services.