Car Rental

As one of Medford’s most affordable car rental companies, Rogue Rent-A-Car understands what customers want most: quality vehicles and personable service. That’s why we have only late-model cars, fair rates and specials, and some of the most convenient services (including delivery and airport pickup and drop-offs) in Oregon.

If you’ve ever been disappointed by a car rental company, come to us and see what top-notch customer service is like. Call our rental office in Medford, or request a quote online.

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Compact Car Rentals

If space is less important than cost, look no further than our compact car rentals. Built to maximize the available space, compact cars are some of the smallest yet most efficient vehicles on the road. Excellent choices for weekend business trips, medical conferences, and as insurance replacements, these cheap car rentals are the most practical options in Medford for a small number of passengers.

Mid-size Car Rentals

Slightly larger than compact models, our mid-size cars are excellent for couples who have plans to enjoy the area’s lakes or wineries over an extended weekend. Mid-size cars offer enough space to travel lightly, so book a wine tour with that special someone, or pack the SPF 45 and head out to the many lakes in Ashland and Medford, Oregon.

Spacious Full-size Cars

A full-size car is the standard option for car rentals for people who want more than the status quo. With well-appointed seating for up to five passengers, an enormous amount of trunk space, and the most modern design and amenities both inside and out, a full-size vehicle is one of the most tasteful choices a renter can make in Medford. At Rogue Rent-A-Car, we have the newest models of full-size cars, so expectations won’t just be met — they’ll be exceeded.

Choose Luxury for Your Medford Car Rental

That dream ride doesn’t have to be out of reach. At Rogue Rent-A-Car, we have a number of luxury car rentals available for our customers, because we don’t believe dreams are unattainable. Slide behind the wheel of some of the world’s most refined cars, and enjoy the view from the top.

Contact our Medford office today to request more information about our many car rental options, which include vans, trucks, and SUVs. Or request a quote online.